Vamsi J Nalam, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Bioagricultural Sciences and Pest Management

Colorado State University

1177 Campus Delivery 

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Office (970)-491-4189

Current Lab Members

Elizabeth Blotevogel

Research Technician

Elizabeth is our lab manager and contributes to several projects. She is currently working on the soybean translatome in response to aphid infestation and on developing synthetic peptides to control spread of PVY.

Shailesh Raj Acharya

M.S. Student, Graduate Research Assistant


Shailesh is interested in developing novel strategies to control phloem feeding insect pests by targetting the symbiosis between the insect pest and their endosymbiotic bacteria.

Stephen Wyka

Ph.D. Student, USDA Pre-Doctoral Fellow


Stephen's overall goal is to better understand the evolutionary and lifestyle history of Claviceps purpurea with its grass hosts by combining greenhouse, field surveys, and comparative genomic based approaches. Genomic research focuses on identifying genes under selection pressure that can help us understand the successfulness and broad host range of C. purpurea compared to other claviceps species that have very narrow host ranges and are significantly more destructive to their hosts. He can also been found at

Jennifer Rushton

M.S. Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant


Jennifer's research will focus on developing to better study the infection process of potato necrotic viruses such as Potato Virus Y, Potato Mop Top Virus and Tobacco Rattle Virus

Judy Chiginsky

M.S. Student, Graduate Research Assistant

(Co-advised with Dr. Nachappa)


Judy's research will focus on studying the interaction between Beet Curly Top virus , its vector the Beet leafhooper and Sugar beet plants.

Previous Lab Members

Graduate Students

Patrick Selig (2015 - 2017): Wastewater/Water Operations Specialist, F&V Operations 

Kumud Joshi (2015 - 2017): Ph.D. Candidate Bowling Green State University

Undergraduate Students

Travis Issacs

Sarah Moh

Meredith Werling

Harish Bingi

Alyssa Hoffman

Randall McComb

Peter Saya II

Nicholas White

Philip Dinh

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